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Defect Reana

Defect Reana

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What is Defect Item?

Most of the time, defects are due to manufacturing errors at the time of production. Since our shoes are handmade, it can be a human error during the production, careless handling, or wrong usage of tools.

The following are some of the major defects in shoes which occur at the time of manufacturing :

1) Excess glue

2) Minor scratch or stain

3) Minor material decolor

4) Peeling

5) Irregular finishing

6) Crooked

Please note that all defects are MINORS and are still lovely to wear. The defects are less visible to the eyes and may not cause discomfort when worn.

If I'm not happy with the defects, can I make returns or exchanges?

Returns or exchanges are strictly not allowed. We advise to measure your foot length before the purchase to ensure the shoe size is correct.

You can visit our Measurement Tutorial here.


Measurement Chart - Standard Cutting
Foot Length (cm) EU US 
22.1 - 22.5 35 4
22.6 - 23.0 36 5
23.1 - 23.5 37 6
23.6 - 24.0 38 7
24.1 - 24.5 39 8
24.6 - 25.0 40 9
25.1 - 25.5
41 10
25.6 - 26.0 42 11
26.1 - 26.5 43 12
Note : Friendly reminder, if your feet's width is more than 8.5 cm, we advise to purchase an extra size from our measurement chart.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Dah received reana defect.. mmg tak nampak mana defect

Deeja a.
My 1st madre shoes😍

Dah lama sis berkenan nak beli kasut dr sebab b4 ni badan 88kg,tak yakin nak pkai dah kurus,baru rasa yakin..akhirnya dpt jugak..1st reana wedges fron madre. Even defect,tp xnampak defectnya kat mana..tq madre..selesa n cantik..if ada rezeki akan beli lg kasut lain pulak. Nampak elegant n sexy sgt bila pkai wedges ni

almost perfect

Thank youu. Cari jgak kat mana defect tu.. it's almost perfect macam takde defect pun! And size fits nicely ❤❤❤