I love the upgraded version of Vienna Luxe, it looks and feels more luxurious than ever before.

Wan Roshani

Vienna Luxe

Normally I don't buy expensive shoes, but these shoes were really worth the money! Despite the high shoe, I still feel balanced and comfortable.

Syasha Afandi


This is the kind of shoes you can wear to work that isn't too high or too flat, just nice!

Norlela Sapian


Dah try, best sangat & sangat selesa! Ngam dengan kaki saya. Kalau ada rezeki rasa nak repeat beli warna lain pula

Norasikin Saikhani


For me, Cassy is the perfect solution for wedges that offer comfort for long hours

Ain Fadly


Alhamdulillah tak rugi grab 2 color terus, memang selesa! Nak order lagi design lain 🤣

Noriah Ahmad

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